Are you slightly introverted? These are the trainings for you


For every woman who cheerfully dresses the latest “dress” for exercising and hitting a new band in a gym.

One comes to find an escape and rescue from jobs, obligations, people and any unnecessary conversations with others.

“Introvert people tend to choose sports and exercises that keep them away from the madness of everyday life,” said a sports psychologist, dr. Kristen Dieffenbach.

“This does not mean that such persons must completely exclude certain sports. But if they do not want to push with hundreds and thousands of people in the marathon or prefer to choose the furthest corner of the hall during exercise, these are the activities in which they could find their own zen, “says Dr. Dieffenbach.

Here’s what the activities have set out:

Solo running
Bicycle at the gym
Biking outside
Running tape at the gym
Rowing on the ergometer
Yoga at home, but also group (no worries, no one will bother you)
Climbing the artificial rock
Practicing at home with on-line instruction

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