Complete guide of treasure hunt GTA V


If you ever played GTA V and keep receiving messages to search for hidden treasure, here is ultimate guide how to do it, followed by instruction video of treasure hunt

Well if you are fan of never ending killing in games and endless weapons then treasure hunt alternative in Grand theft auto 5 is ideal for you. Actually, award is from Red Dead Redemption 2 as gold plated double action revolver.

In order to even start this treasure hunt you need to join online game. Then, at some moment you gonna receive some e-mail with partial photo attached in it which shows you one of 20 possible locations where you have to find the clue. Actually its note on some piece of paper guiding you to next step.

It’s not so complicated as it seems on first because game will signal you all the time that you are near of wanted location. Then you just have to be a bit patient and search for clue. In the end you will realise that was easy to find clue and get awarded with revolver.

Here is ultimate video guide of treasure hunt with all 20 possible locations.

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