Do you feel tired? Do not blame weather, maybe you need vitamin D


VITAMINS and minerals are important for your body to function. If you do not get enough of them in your body, it can significantly affect your health.

Dr. Daniel Felton says vitamin D is one of the micronutrients that are of importance to the body at the very top.

“Vitamin D is sunny vitamin and it is difficult to ensure its intake, especially during the autumn and winter months when weather conditions are worse,” he says.

The symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in the body, Dr. Felton says, is easy to spot, but we often associate them with time.

“If you are tired and lethargic, your body may lack vitamin D. These are the most common symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in adults, and as soon as you increase the intake of this micronutrient into the body, you should feel better,” she explains.
Long-term lack of vitamin D can lead to much more serious conditions such as osteomalacia or bone loss.

The solution to the problem is very simple. Dr. Felton advises you to find dietary supplements with vitamin D or in your diet to include foods rich in these vitamins to replenish supplies.

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