Earn money traveling


Is it possible to earn money traveling ?

Every trip have same problem – limited budget. But almost everyone got idea while stay somewhere on travel to start earning money – by traveling. Sounds easy but you probably wonder how to do it?

Receiving funds while you travel open you space for many opportunities. First, you can stay longer. Second, you can try more things and experience more on the way. And most important – you can enjoy without any worry about tomorrow.

So, you have to think and plan good. World became place with easy access to internet from almost anywhere. So you can enjoy your trip and be connected. And that is main point – to be connected. Internet give you freedom to work no matter where you are and what you do.

This article won’t give you secret formula. This article will help you to open your own possibilities and advise you to insure income while you are on trip and enjoy.

So what is next step?

Before you decided to travel you work something. You learn something and in the end you have some skills. Even if your skills are basic, your point will make you to expert them

Developing web pages

Today everyone can do this, but only few people stay in job. Companies, no matter how big or small they are always need some person available at least by e-mail to change something or add something on their website. For sure you have some friends who have friends, and this is good start.

Write articles

When you are already somewhere and you find something interesting there its time to contact your local magazine or website. You can offer them some story about some interesting things you find on place where you are and this can be good beginning for your future trips. Be responsible, write it from hearth and success will come for sure.

Sell stock photos

Every article is followed by photography. Make some good shots and offer them on stock websites. Don’t expect much but if you hit niche you might be lucky one.

Rent your own apartment

If you decide to travel it means your apartment stay empty. Of course in case you own one. If you do, don’t think to much because you need any kind of income.

Start your own blog

If things become serious start your own blog. Share with people where you been, show them some photos and use power of social media. Put google ad sense on your web and you will start to receive some income. More visitors you have more money you will get. If you are able to make some video, do the same thing on YouTube.

Teach local people language

If you are good for example in English or some other language offer your service to local people. You might be surprised how helpful that might be for them.

Use any skill you have

You might be surprised but basic things like cooking or massage or any kind of customer service can be profitable while you are on trip. Use any you have, socialize with local and insure yourself additional income by your own skills. 

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