Earn money with Health or Wellness Blog


Is it possible to earn money with Health or Wellness Blog?

So, that day is here! You have or you decided to have your own blog about health or wellness. You read articles online how people quit job and start to write own blogs, but.. you’ve always wondered how.

So, let’s make short overview. If you already have own blog, brand new one, you already know several things:
– you post articles but there is no audience
– actually you have to invest money in hosting and CMS to start blog
– you still didn’t receive even single EUR


And now you stop and think, so why they can do it? Actually, its’s long run. First of all, if you start blog about health or wellness you should teach your audience about something they are interested in. 
So, coaching is first step. Logically, if you are some kind of expert coaching people, consult or mentor them why don’t offer this online to work 24 hours for you? Simply produce some video material, make some sessions, trainings, coaching lessons and start to share it over social media. Once you catch your niche audience will start to arrive by itself.


When you start to have audience and loyal visitors it is time to upgrade your online level. Start to cooperate with companies which offers products for wellness and start to sell it, or provide your own affiliate links to their store. When people like what you are doing, they will trust what you using.
It’s hard to tell what is commission you can get, but it is usually from 2% to 50%, depend of product and company you represent, and of course primary of your sales skills.


After you become serious person and your audience start to follow you, you can search for sponsorship. That means that you can provide to your audience sponsored posts, but only with content you will strongly recommend to your visitors. Don’t accept any kind of sponsorship as you can loose your loyal visitors.

MLM Networking

Some companies provide you option in multi level marketing. For example, you hire people to start sell product for you. You are on top, and have people sell things to gain you commission. Even if you don’t sell anything, you get commission from people under your pyramid level.

Online advertising

Google adsense is best way for beginners to earn some money from website. If you have audience and some serious numbers, your income will be also serious. We explained in one of our articles how to implement and work with google adsense.

Youtube channel

All your vides should be uploaded to your own youtube video channel. You simply embed your video into your blog and by inertion people will follow your channel. True, it takes some time that your youtube channel become available for monetising, but its worth to try.

Write a book

I know how it sounds, but after you become serious, people would like to buy your book. If its digital and have video material inside its even better. It will take some time when you will be able to think about this step, but you have enough time and place to prepare it until that moment come.


Even it sounds poor, happy customers like to donate website owners. Simply register on paypal and apply donation button after you have serious number of visitors and you might surprised.

Must do

To appear on Google you should build up your website with backlinks. How can you do it we described here.


As you can see, its a long run. But it you believe in yourself, you know how, for sure you will succeed.

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