Easy DIY Gold Foil Prints


Easy DIY Gold Foil Prints

Gold foil prints are in and they are easier to create than I could have imagined. You only need three things to complete this simple project: A laser print, toner reactive foil and a laminator.

First, create your black and white graphic (or download our lucky shamrock) and print on a laser printer (which uses toner). We have an ink jet printer so I sent the file to my local print shop (Kinkos, Staples) and spent 14¢ to have it printed on card stock. Little tip – save yourself another trip and print 2 or 3 just in case you mess up!)
DIY Gold Foil Prints

Make sure your print is free from any dust or fibers (it will make it so the foil doesn’t stick in those areas.) Carefully roll out your toner reactive foil to completely cover your black and white image, gold side up.
DIY Gold Foil Prints

Place a piece of plain printer paper over the top and carefully send it through your laminator. In order for this to work properly, the foil must get hot enough to bind to the black toner. I originally sent it through the laminator with card stock over the top and it didn’t work. My laminator also came with a laminating envelope which was too thick as well for the foil to get hot enough.

DIY Gold Foil PrintsOnce it comes out of the laminator and cools, you’ll see how the gold is stuck to the toner.

DIY Gold Foil PrintsThe only thing left to do is slowly pull the gold foil back and you’re done.
DIY Gold Foil Prints

DIY Gold Foil Prints

Isn’t this gorgeous?

DIY Gold Foil PrintsQuotes, holiday prints, cards…go crazy. Gold foil everything. You know you want to try it!

Easy DIY Gold Foil Prints

Kara Pothier

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