Easy way to be prepared for traveling


Every time when you left your home and start your trip you have that situation thinking what you didn’t take with you. So here is small tip how to avoid it in future.

If you like adventure and traveling you must accept fact that things are unpredictable. Unknown can be same exciting as same dangerous, if you are not ready for it. So, before you start to move you should remember some tips what you should always have prepared and ready to take with you.


Basic of every trip is gear. Think where you go and what you plan to do, and regarding to that prepare your gear. Clothing and shoes are basics, just make them to match your destination and activities.

First aid

Even it sounds like cliche, even small accident require first aid kit. Essential safe accessory is very important to make you to be safe while you traveling. Some antibacterial stuff, eyedrops, pills for fiver and some common illness are basic.


Yeah, sounds silly, but flashlight might be most wanted thing anywhere you go. It doesn’t take much place, so just carry it somewhere in stuff with you.


Same as flashlight umbrella belongs to funny things, but when you need it, you will know why you have it with you.


This should be separated on two things. Carry cash and emergency cash. You will always have cash what you gonna use on places where you can’t pay with your cards, but if you get some unwanted situation you need to have backup cash with you.

Know what to do

Let’s say you are in some country and you lost your passport. Do you know what is next step? Inform yourself about unwanted situations and what you have to do when you get it, regarding country you going to visit. That will save you a lot of time if it happen and moreover make you not to panic

Travel insurance

This is bible rule. No one expect accidents when you go to trip, but if they happen usually they could be very very expensive later. So invest just small amount of money to buy travel insurance and you don’t need to worry about it anymore.

Inform yourself

Must do before traveling somewhere is to be ready. Ready user experiences, tips and tricks and follow what fits you best. Learn what to do and more important what not to do.

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