Enhance your life with crazy psychological tricks


Want to help and change the way you look on life and at the world around you?

Here are six, at first glance of silly but very simple and effective tricks that you can change your perception of reality and make it much, much fresher and more positive.

Throw away negative thoughts (literally)

What happens when you treat your thoughts as physical objects? Science says that when you materialize some ideas and get rid of them, your brain will accept that message and reject it and he thinks you.

“It will be much easier for you to forget about some things,” says scientist Richard Petty. This technique is so powerful that it will help you gradually completely forget about some of the problems, traumas, complexes and things that are bothering you and want to really get rid of them.

Write down on the paper everything that is bothering you and throw it in the garbage theatricalally. Or even better – burn. And you’ll see the result after a couple of days.

So what can I do?

Spend money …

… but do not invest money in material values ​​and be a typical representative of the consumer society. Instead of using cloths, techniques, or expensive restaurants, invest your money in the experience.

So what can I do?

Valuable values ​​will make you happy at the very first moment. But the happiness that will create your experience lasts all your life. Go to concerts, meet new people, travel, do something completely new and your life will be much more beautiful to you soon …

Come on!

Each of us with very little effort can make one’s day better and make life happy. A smile is enough, fresh water for dogs and cats in front of the building, or something like that. Science says giving is absolutely the best way to true happiness. And you know what? Happiness can be bought! But only if you spend money on others!

So what can I do?

Simply find a way to provide more than you take! Your family, friends, society, animals, nature …

Use your imagination

New research has found that your imagination is so powerful that you will be scared. “The imaginations created by imagination are so realistic that they can change the perception of the real world,” says Professor Henrik Ehrsson.

So what can I do?

It’s not that simple, but you should imagine and change the perspective of the world. To stop for a moment to be serious and strict. Let your imagination run. And this will create new ideas, creativity, and motives for new challenges. And then you will realize that the feeling of happiness is only a matter of perspective. That is, your imagination will create an atmosphere in which you will truly feel happy. Something like Matrix, but in real life. Do not blame the spoon than you …

Train your brain

The happiest man in the world is the Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard. In him, activity in centers in the brain responsible for the feeling of happiness and up to four deviations above the average. That means it’s practically out of luck for how lucky it is. He says your brain can easily learn to create certain emotions. The point is, the brain can not handle two opposite feelings at the same time. So it can not be sad and happy. As you can not jump and lie at the same time, says Ricard.

So what can I do?

If you want to feel really good, think about nice things. Monks practically all the time think about positive things. So negative thoughts, anger, anger, or jealousy simply disappear from your brain. And your life will be much nicer. Of course, repeating over and over again is very important for this technique.


Unbelievable, but a new discovery suggests that you will be unhappy with the lack of attention. And today, we are all overburdened by our obligations, information or the internet that few of us really are focused on anything.

So what can I do?

Eliminate interference. Check your mail and status only a few times during the day. Set priorities and tasks and do them one by one. Do not rob technology, so you can turn off your phone and computer on occasion.

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