How to pack successfully for a trip?


Many people will admit that packing before their trip is a real nightmare. In such a (un) mood, we often take things that we will not use excessively. When we arrive at the destination and open the suitcase, we have something to see – the vast majority of needed things stayed at home.

So, how to properly pack? What to take? How to know what we will need? Here are some useful tips for those who will soon be preparing for the trip.

Regardless of the fact that you are always in a hurry and do not have time, in no case do not start packing the night before you go on a trip. Take time before and consider what you will need. Take care of where you are going and how long you will be there. The weekend in Moscow requires, of course, a different kind of props than a summer holiday in Barbados. If possible, check the weather forecast, and then select the appropriate clothing and footwear. Think about what to do – will you go out or rest in the hotel room or by the pool? Adjust clothing with plans and take, for example, three toilets for evening out, instead of ten.

What to pack?
Take the clothes that you are sure to wear and clothes. Think about which pieces you can combine, and of course take the clothes and fashion accessories that turn daytime clothes into a nighttime toilet. Maintain basic colors that are easy to match with everything. When you finish selecting, put your clothes on the bed and see if it really works. Do not overdo your shoes because you will need less money than you think. Be sure to take a pair of japanese, high heeled sandals that you can combine with most clothes and rain shoes because you never know when you will need them. And remember, no one but you will know that you have dressed the same combination twice, perhaps. This also applies to bikinis, which means that you do not need them 14. There will be enough three to four that you will be able to change to avoid being wet. Before you start packing, go for a short walk. When you return, remove some other objects that you wanted to take in the first version.

Be realistic
We are all prone to thinking ‘what if’ … Do not do it during the pack, because you’ll just be flattered, and these are things that you can not really influence. It is very unlikely that snow will fall in August. Yes, it can cool down, but at hand you will have one of the tracksuits you packed. The other two you are thinking about – leave home.

What kind of chest?
Great sports bags and backpacks are not recommended because they will confuse you and make you lose everything. They are the best hardcases in which everything will be in your place and when you reach your destination. Small kovičezi with wheels are good for weekend breaks, but not for longer trips. With large trunks, it’s important that they are light so you can pack a lot of things without the suitcase being too heavy.

How to pack?
Make sure all your clothes are clean before you start packing. Put things in the suitcase in such a way that more difficult things like jackets go to the bottom, and things in the layers are getting easier. Do not put objects in your chest that could damage your clothes, and if you must, you should definitely separate them from the rest of the contents of the suitcase. Fewer pieces of clothing, such as lingerie, fill in the gaps on the edge of the chest. In the end, the shoes are put in the bag and the top of the things in the suitcase.

Think ahead
When you arrive at a destination, it’s best to unpack it immediately, but this is not always possible. Therefore, consider what you will do when you arrive at a particular place. If, for example, you sleep with someone before proceeding, take care to put your pajamas somewhere on the top of the things in the suitcase in order to be at your fingertips.

Preparative and decorative cosmetics are best kept in a bag in a handbag. You never know when these things will need you, so it’s good to have them with you. Of course, do not overdo it with products. Make sure that your products are only products that you really need on a daily basis.

All the above-mentioned adult-related rules can also be applied to children. They are the only exception of t-shirts that children quickly get dirty, so they need to take more. If children want to wear toys, arrange with them to wear them in their own handbags. In this way, children will feel useful, and you will still be able to ease the load.

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