J. Lo has released a new picture of the abdominal muscles and no one believes that he is 49 years old


Popular singer Jennifer Lopez rejoiced their fans with an incredible body shape. She has published a new photo on which she has shown carved abdominal muscles.

The 49-year-old singer was actually intending to advertise sports tights from her own collection, but her incredible body was ruined.

“In the center of my life and career is what I am passionate about and do what I love,” she wrote.

She has recently published photographs of his slim body several times.

She regularly trains with David Kirsch, a favorite trainer of Hollywood stars, and her routine includes squats, jumps and plots.
“Blessed with good genetics, he is physically gifted with an unbelievable amount of energy, but he has an enviable amount of mental and emotional strength,” Kirsch said on J.Lo 2017.

The singer is a lover and method of Tracy Anderson who focuses on less muscle groups and multiple repetitions.

Thanks to its energetic performances as part of its tour, Jennifer Lopez can boast of the muscular biceps that he has recently left without texts.

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