League of Legends studio staff reportedly planning walkouts as company blocks gender discrimination lawsuits


Staff at League of Legends studio Riot Games are reportedly planning walkouts following last week’s news that the company is attempting to quash ongoing gender discrimination lawsuits and impose private arbitration.

As reported by Kotaku, Riot’s attorney is countering two of the five lawsuits filed against the studio, insisting that those involved waived their rights to sue under the terms of their employment contracts. That news, apparently, did not sit well with Riot staff – particularly given the executive team’s repeated promises to improve company culture following damning reports of systematic sexism within the studio over the last year.

According to sources speaking to Waypoint, employees at Riot have been considering a walkout in protest of the company’s latest aggressive stance against those filing lawsuits. “Talk of a walkout has been brewing among a number of folks with varying levels of investment since Kotaku’s first article hit,” revealed one source, “leadership consistently promised transparency/actions to be taken and then did not deliver on that promise.”

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