One of three vegetarians will eat meat when gets drunk, says research


After a long drink of alcoholic drinks, there is nothing better than a late-morning meal.

This is a big problem for vegetarians who are limited to meager dishes.

As part of a survey conducted among 1789 vegetarians, 37 percent said they were tempted to eat some meat when drunk, and 34 percent said they did it every time. This means that the diet regime violates one of three people.

Of those who decide to eat a meat meal, 39 percent will order a kebab, 34 percent choose a burger, 27 percent something with bacon, 19 percent fried chicken, and 14 percent sausage.

However, 69 per cent of them did not recognize their sin at 3 o’clock in the morning.

“I know a few vegetarians who sometimes have the desire for meat, but it seems that there are those who can not resist when they are drunk. I think it’s important to be supportive of such friends and warn them not to eat meat because they will regret the next day, “says George Charles of the research company.

Earlier research at the Graz Medical School found that vegetarians were more depressed than eating people and more often had problems with anxiety.

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