Popular freakshocks look sweet but are extremely unhealthy


FREAKSHAKE might look good on photos, but because of calories and sugar from chunks of chocolate, biscuits, syrups and other supplements, it’s a very unhealthy drink.

In Britain, a campaign to ban shake containing more than 300 calories has been launched. Namely, a group of experts behind Action Action on Sugar says that such drinks sold in restaurants and cafes contain too much sugar and calories.

Calories and Sugars The richest of these drinks, which is popular among children, contains up to 39 teaspoons of sugar, which is six times more than the recommended daily intake for a 10-year-old. So much sugar means 1280 calories, which is more than half the recommended daily intake for an adult.

The desire of the English authorities is to reduce the intake of sugar because obesity in children is an increasing problem. Tips to Companies are to reduce sugar content in food products by 20 percent by 2020, and this applies to shakes.

“The food and beverage industry, including restaurants, manufacturers, and traders, plays a key role in helping address this problem by reducing the amount of sugar we buy and consume,” said nutritionist Dr. Alison Tedstone.

However, Graham MacGregor from Action on Sugar believes that more needs to be done.

“These high-calorie drinks will, if they are consumed daily, bring children into obesity and lose their teeth. This is unacceptable and such drinks should not contain more than 300 calories per serving, “warns MacGregor.

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