The celebrity ballerina discovered what food was being avoided and what it considered a source of energy


BALERINA Misty Copeland is a member of the American Ballet Theater.

She celebrated in 2015 when she became the first African American Primary Artist in the history of this prestigious institution, and who has not heard of her so far, she has probably noticed her in the new film Orsar and the four kingdoms.

Copeland has always been drunk. At the very beginning she often came to criticism. Many had told her she would not succeed, but she was devoted and persistently went on and followed her dreams.

It does not starve, in fact, often comes for healthy snacks. Still, she sometimes tastes the ice cream that her favorite dessert is.

“I eat well, but I allow something sweet when I feel the need. I’m currently in the ice cream stage. It’s my short break from reality when the job gets tense, “she said.

Energy source is found in nuts.

“For long trials best correspond to granules and nuts that will not slip me hard on the stomach. And, of course, I always drink plenty of water throughout the day, “she admitted.

It avoids sugar, processed food, fast food, white flour, artificial sweeteners and carbonated drinks. Its advice is to avoid salt and reach for garlic, onions, and spices, and to avoid being overwhelmed, it is okay to leave food on the plate.

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