The expert discovers why avocado is great and can be overwhelmed with it


AVOKADO is among the foods considered superhuman.

Those who lead a healthy lifestyle eat it with toast, as an ingredient of omelette, smoothie, and they even prepare soups, puddings and cakes. He gained his popularity thanks to vitamins, fibers and healthy fats.

“Healthy fats reduce the risk of developing heart disease, helping the body absorb vitamin A, K, D and E, and thanks to them we feel the site,” explained nutritionist Keri Gans.

But as the well-known saying is less, Gans warns that it should not be exaggerated with consumption.

“It should be borne in mind the size of the portion as well as with all. Although avocado is nutritiously rich in food, it contains plenty of fat and calories. Depending on the size, it has an average of 250 to 320 calories and 20 or more grams of fat. The recommendation is to eat one third of this fruit, and most people eat even more, “says Gans.

How exactly avocado is allowed to eat in a day, says nutritionist, depends on physical activity and recommended daily intake of calories.

“It’s not enough to copy someone’s daily menu because it does not match every body with the same amount of food,” adds Gans.

The expert therefore recommends one third of avocado if you intake healthy fat daily through nuts, seeds or olive oil in the body. If not, says Gans, you can eat whole avocado and feel healthy, but you need to take into account the number of calories.

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