The four tricks that each parent will be in shape, healthy and strong


When they become parents, many mothers and fathers neglect their own body. Trying to balance work, family and friends just does not have time for recreation.

Shaun Malligan, who was himself a father, set up healthy snacks and discovered four ways to help him stay healthy and at the same time the best possible father to his child and partner to his wife.

Practice in the morning

Whether you run, ride a bike, or go to the gym, get up early and train in the morning. If you practice afternoons, you will often run from work to training, and you know you should hurry home and help children with various activities. In the morning, however, such obligations do not exist.

The big plus is to accelerate your metabolism, brainwash your mind and energy for the rest of the day, at least in the morning if you work in the office.

Collaborate with a baby carriage

If you can not leave the home and train for the child you have to worry about, take the child with you. Malligan says his roller coaster is the best investment. So he leaves the house, exercises, and the baby is at the same time staying in the fresh air and sleeping. He says that he often runs past the parks where his daughter lives while he drinks coffee.

Practice with the kids

Whether you show a child how to climb a tree or push him while learning to ride a bike, there is nothing better than looking at the child he enjoys while you are active.

“The most beautiful childhood memories came to me when my dad walked with me to a football or jogging park. I’m doing the same thing with my daughter, “says Malligan, who with her daughter began to practice acrobatic yoga in which she balances on his hands and feet. She says that they further strengthen the relationship.

Arm yourself with healthy snacks

When you are employed, you can often go for unhealthy food or fast varieties of snacks like rolls.

Malligan believes that you should make sure that you always have at your fingertips healthy snacks such as almonds, fruit or a meal of Greek yogurt and peanut butter.

“Except you will eat healthier, you will feel better than eating a chips bag,” Malligan says.

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