The reason why you hardly wake up in the morning may be strange


Even you slept for eight hours, it makes you impossible to get out of bed?

Everybody has probably met with this problem at least once in life. In addition to fatigue, if it is too often repeated, there may be many other reasons behind this feeling.

One of them is atypical depression. Although it will not be the cause of the difficulty of awakening in anyone, some people may point to the problem.

“This is one of the forms of depression, a common mental health disorder. People suffering from atypical depression do not feel necessarily bad, and they are often unaware of the problems they have because their mood varies, “said psychologist Gail Saltz for the Health magazine.

“Instead of sleeping problems and loss of appetite, people who suffer from atypical depression sleep and eat too much”, added Dr. Saltz.

Atypical depression can also be treated and, if you suspect it, you need to visit a doctor and seek professional help.

But do not think that this is the reason why your awakening is so hard to fall. Tiredness, according to the National Health Service of Great Britain, can also cause anemia, celiac disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes and thyroid problems.

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