The smartest people drink the most alcohol, it was revealed by research

smartest people

Recent research has revealed that the smartest people are drinking the most alcohol at the same time.

“What women are more educated, the more they drink alcohol and admit having a drink problem,” says London School of Economics report, which has watched a thousand of 39-year-olds, as smartest people.

It has been found that women with college degrees have a 50 percent higher chance of drinking alcohol every day, and men are 49 percent more likely.

A group of scientists from Finland conducted similar research and came to an almost equal conclusion.

“More intelligent people often start drinking at an adolescent age, and later in life they consume more alcohol,” they say. So it admit that main consumers of alcohol are actually smartest people.

Although alcohol does not increase intelligence and is not healthy, it is clear why you might be more likely to have alcohol than others.

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