There are very good reasons why you should not eat ketchup


We have bad news for ketchup lovers. This sauce served with fries, meat, pizza, hot dog, burgers and many other dishes is not healthy at all.

Although ketchup producers earn a total of $ 800 million annually, there are very good reasons why you should give up your favorite sweet sauce or at least limit its consumption.

Only one spoon of ketchup contains more calories than biscuits with chocolate

Maybe it’s hard to believe it, but in a spoonful of ketchup there are 3.7 grams of sugar. Depending on the amount you consume, you will ultimately enter the sugar in your body, as well as eating a few biscuits with chocolate.

His taste is stronger than anything else

Sugar is the most important ingredient of ketchup and the sweet taste will overcome all other foods you consume.

It’s hard to avoid it unless you mention it to the waiter

If you are not a ketchup fan, you have certainly noticed countless times that this sauce served on your plate, although you may not have asked for it at all. If you order fries or steak, very often the plate will be decorated with ketchup, and you may not have the intention to eat it because you are aware of how much sugar you enter into your body.

Everyone is obsessed with it

In the United States, mayonnaise is the first place in the world’s favorite food supplements, while ketchup is in second place. The main reason for this is that there is almost no food for which it does not agree, so it is almost daily on the menu of many people.

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