This beverage of only two ingredients could help you sleep better


    Many factors contribute to poor sleep: stress, use of smartphones or tablets before bedtime or bad mattress, pillow or bedding.

    Experts advise the removal of digital devices from the bedroom, proper breathing and performing techniques for relaxing stress, but also the use of magnesium.

    Journalist Lisa Ryan recently interviewed several experts on The Cut and discovered that magnesium has many advantages. Apart from being good for bones, nerves, heart, and helping the work of the bowel, it relaxes the muscles and helps you sleep better.

    All who suffer from active thoughts or anxiety, so they could solve one problem with one drink. Dr. Tara Stewart recommends that you drink almond milk with a little turmeric before bedtime.

    “Badem’s milk contains magnesium that can reduce the level of cortisol, stress hormones, and soothe nerves, and turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory agents that can help prevent stomach problems,” explains Dr. Stewart also notes that this drink is sweetened with honey, not sugar, because it is healthier for immunity.

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