This daily activity is more effective in fighting depression than exercise


Do you know what a joint venture is in a gym, hot baths and a cup of tea? Each of these activities will help you to feel better against depression, and there is a reason why.

Scientists say that all three things affect the temperature of the core, but they have concluded that it is a more efficient hot bath.

A study published in the New Scientist magazine concluded that regular afternoon baths can significantly improve mood and are an excellent ally in the fight against depression.

A group of 45 people with depression underwent testing. After half-hour bathing in water warmed to 40 degrees Celsius, the participants wrapped up warm towels to rest for another 20 minutes or twice a week for aerobic training for 40 to 45 minutes.

After eight weeks, those who were bathing improved the mood by six points on the scale measuring depression, while those who exercised recorded a growth of three points.

The theory of scientists is that the increase in body temperature late in the afternoon affects the night circadian rhythm that has an effect on every organ, including the brain. Previous research has shown that depression is a biochemical disorder that is associated with variations in body temperature.

It is important to note that participants are subjected to research under medical supervision and guided by their advice.

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