This photo is proof that the size of clothing does not mean anything


Were you ever surprised during a purchase when you realized that you needed another size of pants in each store?

That’s exactly what happened to the influencer Claudia Felty during a recent quest for a new pair of jeans. That is why she has now decided to let everyone know that you should not feel bad because of the size of the label.

“My goal was to buy new jeans. I had crashed because of that, because I was not just about to buy new pants, but to the smallest possible size, “Felty explained.

These days are behind her and no longer feel the stress as much as before.

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A number on a clothing tag does NOT determine your worth. ⠀ Last week I went shopping, Goal = new jeans. A goal that would’ve given me major panic in the past because the goal wasn’t simply about buying new pants but also buying the smallest size. ⠀ Those days are long behind me and shopping doesn’t cause me as much stress as it used to but I want to take a moment to show you why clothing sizes are clearly arbitrary. ⠀ I bought all 3 of these jeans 👖 on the exact same day. All 3 pairs are a different size. Clearly I am not. ⠀ Could you imagine the pain and stress I would be in if I continued to allow a number on a clothing tag determine my worth? ⠀ Can you see now that the number doesn’t matter? ⠀ Instead of worrying about it, I just swap sizes until I find a pair that fits right, feels good, and makes me feel good in my body. ⠀ So the next time you feel anxiety or stress around shopping for clothes, remember that sizes are arbitrary. ⠀ Size does NOT determine your VALUE! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ___________________________________________ #allfoodsfit #weightwatchers #flexibledieting #flexibleeating #balanceddiet #balancedlife #bodypositive #losehatenotweight #bingeeating #dietrescue #edrecovery #selfloveisthebestlove #dietitian #weightlossplan #weightloss #fitnessjourney #whole30life #eatwellbewell #fuelyourbody #haes #progressnotperfection #tiuloveyourbody #effyourbeautystandards #foodfreedom #intuitiveeating #naturalweightloss

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“The same day I bought three jeans. Each one is different in size. I’m obviously not. Can you imagine what kind of problem I would still allow the number on the label to affect my self-esteem? “She wrote.

She concluded that each pair of trousers was tailored to a different body shape and therefore you should not be tired of the size. The pants that are best for you are those you feel best.

“You see the figure is not important? Instead of worrying about it, try trousers until you find those who agree with you and feel good, “Felty said.

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