Tips to live longer


With just small changes you can make yourself to live longer

It’s all about decision. 
It’s well know fact that some bad habits can make you troubles with health. And we all know them: smoking, drinking too much, eating wrong food and not exercising.  If you just stop for a moment and thing how long you have this bad habits, yeah its time to make some serious changes in your life. And as we said, it’s all about decision.

Don’t eat more than you need

Food is necessary part of everyday living. But it doesn’t mean that you need to eat everything you can, or in another hand not eat enough. Limiting food means limiting calories you taking, and make your body not to be overloaded. Fact is – more food you eat makes your metabolism slower but in another hand speeds up process of aging.

Have active sexual life

Sounds overused phrase, but fact is that active sexual life can add you several years of living. It’s not just process of joy, in same time it makes your calories to burn faster, it boost your immunity, infect on your blood pressure and so on.

Say goodbye to sitcoms

Televison is cancer of modern times. It makes you to kill boredom but in another hand makes you to slowly but for sure destroy your body. Sitting in front of TV increases several health risks, from hearth diseases, troubles with blood pressure, backbone problem..

Sun is not your friend

We all know phrase about sun and shiny day, but too much sun rapidly increase danger of skin cancer, skin burnings  and moreover skin aging. If you enjoy your time on sun, please just do simple thing and use sunscreen.

Meet your friends

People are social. Loneliness is path to depression. It’s very simple. Sometimes, even if you don’t have some reason just meet your friends.

Eat healthy food

Nutritional have theory that fruit and vegetables are core of health and immunity. And you know what? They are right. Free antioxidants  from fruit and vegetables can lower risk of many diseases including cancer.


Your body is made to move you, so don’t destroy it. You don’t have to be active sport type, but just simple walk every day can lower any kind of hearth problems or blood pressure. 

Quit smoking

This may be the best decision you can make. Smoking can take up to 15 years of your life, and for sure that is something you don’t want to waste. You should think that buying pack of cigarettes is the same you take and burn that money, and allow your health to be seriously damaged.

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