Ultimate guide before you go on trip


How many times you had that situation when you said: i should done this before..

Every time you want to go on some trip excitement is in front of brain. And that open some possibilities to forgot some important things you may need wherever you go. We prepared small list of thing you should make before you go on any kind of trip, no matter short of long.

1. Copy your documents

Actually, you never know what can happen somewhere. Your luggage gone, you lost your passport, it doesn’t really matter when it happens. But, if you already prepared some digital copy of your documents and store it on some cloud such as Google drive or something, you have some start point to avoid trouble.

2. Provide info to your finance institutions about trip

Some banks require information about countries where you gonna use your bank or credit cards. So, before you go on trip simply make some phone calls and give info to your bank about trip, to make them not surprised when they register usage of your credit card in some other country.

3. Have cash in pocket

Yeah, sounds silly, but you always need it. Cab, tickets, whatever you will need some cash. In case of some kind of emergency – you gonna need cash. So, always keep some amount of cash with you.

4. Keep important contacts offline

Your phone battery is dead, you need to make some call but you have no clue which number your friend have.. Yeah, thats why you should always have some small notebook with all important contacts.

5. Have medicine with you

If you have medicine with you it doesn’t mean you are sick, but if you get sick on trip and you don’t have medicine with you then it means you are not responsible. So, before trip make sure you have common medicine with you, in case of any kind of need.

6. Inform yourself about cost of calls

Very important thing before you go on trip is to check with your phone provider prices of incoming and outgoing calls and also internet traffic. This could save you a fortune.

7. Make small research

Depending where you plan to travel, very smart thing is to make research about country, people and way of life. This will save you from embarrassing situations and cultural change shock.

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