Walking improve your health and prolong your life


    Want to live longer? Begin today with regular walking.

    Experts are wondering about walking – this is one of the key activities in maintaining good health. It is also about the cheapest mode of physical activity.

    For walking you only need enough comfortable sneakers.

    Experts say that after 30 minutes of walking at moderate speed, a significant improvement in the overall health status of the body is achieved.

    You can divide up to 30 minutes a day on several occasions of walking – the effect will be the same.

    Therefore, use the stairs instead of the lifts, leave the public transport station earlier or park a couple of yards away from work and use this opportunity to walk.

    It’s best if you can find time for nature walks. Watching the beautiful scenery and breathing fresh air, you will rest your soul and body.

    When you enter the daily rhythm of a 30-minute walk, slowly increase the walking time.

    The regular 30-minute walk extends life

    Walking at a moderate pace for 30 minutes a day extends life and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

    If you decide to walk regularly, you are prolonging life for as long as 3.7 years and postponing cardiovascular disease for 3.3 years.

    Not only that – walking protects against stress, positively affects excess weight and improves overall mood.

    Health benefits of walking are numerous:

    reduces the risk of heart disease and heart attack

    improves the quality of sleep

    reduces the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes

    protects against depression

    reduces the risk of fractures in the elderly

    helps to fight stress

    reduces the risk of breast and intestine cancer

    improves mood

    stimulates weight loss

    positively affects the joints and reduces pain caused by arthritis

    According to a study published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine, whether it is a slow, moderate or fast pace, walking has a significant effect on the total body condition.

    Dr. Glen E. Duncan, of the University of Washington, claims that “in people who are walking regularly, there is a significant improvement in the health of the cardiovascular and respiratory system”.

    How to walk properly

    Walking is physical activity. Correct movements are required to reduce the risk of injury.

    Namely, more than 200 bones and all the 600 muscles involved in our muscular system are involved in walking.

    When walking back, hold it upright, head high, shoulders should be relaxed, butt inwards, and feet parallel to each other.

    Hold the hands slightly bent in the elbows and move them in a rhythm with the opposite leg.

    Keep breathing harmonized with walking: Depending on the speed of the walk, adjust the breathing speed as well.

    Walk by first lowering the toe on the ground and then just the rest of the foot.

    Make sure that you do not make common walking mistakes: looking at the ground, abdominal muscles relaxation, unsuitable length of footsteps, sudden change of walking pace and walking without lifting the foot of the floor.

    As you walk, look 3-4 meters ahead of you to ensure that your back and neck are level.

    Tighten your abdominal muscles while walking – this is why you support your spine and improve posture.

    Be careful to wear comfortable clothes and comfortable sneakers (be sure to wear socks).

    Do not smoke while walking. Always have a fresh water bottle that you will drink in smaller sips.

    After walking, stretch out well.

    Take a 30 minute walk every day and your body will thank you for it!

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