Why a Simple Thank You Goes a Long Way


*Thank you to Minted for sponsoring this post. Sometimes a simple thank you is all a person needs.

A lot of work and sentiment goes into the holidays and so many times, we tear into those gifts and then forget that the very best gift in return is gratitude.

Teaching children to say thank you is tantamount. It teaches them that gratitude is important and that nothing comes without a personal sacrifice, large or small. So whether it was Grandma spending hours to crochet a new sweater or a sweet little cousin spending her own money on a gift, sometimes the greatest gift in return is actually two words: Thank you.

Why a Simple Thank You Goes a Long Way

The past few weeks have been a flurry of classroom projects and parties, last-minute runs to the store for a forgotten gift or a container of frosting for gingerbread houses. One particular day I spent my entire waking hours doing “stuff” for my kids. I packed lunches, ran them to school, drove to the store to get my oldest daughter three “favorite things” gifts for a party, then drove back to the school to cheer my youngest daughter on at a classroom performance. By then it was noon and time to drive my little guy to preschool, after which I ran back home and baked up a batch of donuts, wiping the flour off my shirt just in time to go grab everyone from school and whisk them away to parties and practices.

During all of this, the thought crossed my mind, My kids have no idea what I’m actually doing for them.

That night as I flopped onto my bed, I felt something underneath my back. It was a card. A simple card with the words “Thank You” on it.

I felt all of my frustration dissipate as I read the sweet words of a six-year-old. Thank you for being my mom. You are a great mom. You are the best mom. Love, Piper.

Sometimes one tiny thank-you is all you need.

Help Your Kids Say Thank You

Help your kids say thanks to all the important people in their lives with Minted Kids’ Thank Y0u Cards. They are so adorable and great to always have on hand. I like to stock up on thank you cards so that my kids always have a chance to say thanks.

They’re great for showing gratitude after birthdays, holidays, dance recitals, or for any reason really.

All Minted Kids’ Thank You Cards are designed by real people like you and me. That’s what makes Minted so unique and it’s products so special.

Take a second to browse all the designs because they are gorgeous! I love this Emoji Thank You design and my kids do too. In fact, they ask to write thank you notes because the cards are so fun.

The best part is that you can customize all Minted Kids’ Thank You Cards by adding names and special messages from your child.

Minted will even add beautiful printed addresses on your envelopes for free (limited time).

There’s Always a Reason To Say Thanks

When you think about it, there’s always a reason to say thanks. And there are so many people to give thanks to. Parents, grandparents, teachers, friends—people in our children’s lives that give them time, patience, and love.

Teaching kids to say thank you early and often is just one way we can shape a better society. Because the very best gift of all is the gift of gratitude.

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