With these simple tricks you can fix your fitness


    You do not necessarily have to go to the gym to fix your physical abilities. Every person can move and thus strengthen the body and shape it.

    Marathon Vlad Shatrov is preparing to prepare with Australian Paralympics who have taught him that the path to success includes many obstacles, but which can prevail.

    He has compiled a list of things you can do anywhere and at any time to improve your own fitness.

    • Start using the Russian bell

    In the morning, waiting for coffee or tea to be cooked, make a few squats or steps, but with the help of the Russian bells. This will speed up the pace and pulse and ultimately give the stimulus to metabolism to work expeditiously and spend calories throughout the day.

    • Practice when advertising is displayed

    The next time you watch a series or a movie, turn the break for commercials in your favor. Make a few abdomen. Without getting up from the couch, you can lift your legs by touching your knees with your elbows or using the backrest to strengthen the triceps.

    • Adjust the performance

    During the day you can easily work on your abilities. While brushing your teeth, stand on one foot and on the other. This will improve the balance.

    • Do not get discouraged

    Regardless of your own abilities, fitness will not come overnight. It is very important that you are mentally strong, and small changes to the routine will make a long-term major change for the overall health.

    • Do not forget to relax

    Exercise is dying. It is important to train, but it is also necessary to provide time for the muscles to recover. Vacation will give you extra energy and you will be able to exercise regularly.

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