With this trick your coffee will have a lower taste even though it does not contain either milk or sugar


    WHEN you are on a diet, you give up many foods, including sugar. Coffee lovers often fall very hard because black coffee with no sugar and milk has a bitter taste, but coaching Jenny Sugar has revealed the trick he helped.

    In the morning cup of black coffee adds cinnamon.

    “After stirring well, I swallow and the taste is much warmer and sweeter. So my coffee practically has zero calories and does not contain sugar, “she revealed.

    Cinnamon is also used to flavour yogurt from almond milk, oatmeal banana, apple, and even toast with peanut butter.

    “Apart from giving a lesser flavour to dishes, the cinnamon is healthy. It is full of antioxidants and helps the body in solving free radicals. Research has shown that it also has anti-inflammatory properties, “she added to PopSugar.

    He also notes that a study has shown that eating cinnamon pudding reduces blood sugar.

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